Tales from the Camino De Santiago

This site is designed for those people who are interested in the Camino De Santiago. It does not seek to be a guide to the Camino as many of these already exist online and in printed form. Instead this site will feature books, short stories, video documentaries and video clips that focus on the Camino. For future and past pilgrims, hopefully this site will provide inspiration, information and motivation. We are happy to accept any stories about the Camino that authors are willing to share. We feature many authors who have written extensively about the Camino. We have extracts from their books and chapters that you can download plus links should you wish to purchase copies of their books. We will also have video clips from documentaries about the Camino with links to where you can purchase DVDs. We also have a small selection of specially designed Camino charms and keepsakes that will keep your memories alive or inspire future Camino journeys. You can check them out at caminoshop.co.uk